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PhiContour Basic Tranings Course Details

Three/3 Days Phicontour (Eyeliner and Lips) Workshop with Kerstin Ellmer and Thorsten Kreiling (Masters of Branko Babic PhiAcademy)

Certificate of attendance is obtained at the end of Day 3.

Certificate of a successfully completed trained is obtained after the first successful work on a live model, which depends entirely on you and your practice.

The training is not over after these three/3 days. We stay in touch for the next 6 months and we are always there for all your questions and problems you face.

Also, you’ll be sending your works – first on a skin simulation, then on a live model as well.

PhiContour Basic Training Detail Information

Starter Kit: (included in the price)

  • 5 Pigments
  • 4 Pencils
  • 2 Latex (1 Lips + 1 Eyes)
  • Skin Candy

PhiContour Basic Training

Permanent Make-Up Line

We, Kerstin Ellmer and Thorsten Kreiling represent the Austrian PhiContour Team and we are proud to be Masters oft he Branko Babic Academy since the beginning of 2016.

Together we have more than 17 years of experience in the field of Permanent Make Up.

Numerous further trainings and the learning of specific methods enabled us to develop our own techniques.

Permanent Make up is our great passion and we love to face new challenges and to work hard in order to improve our new techniques.

We are happy to share our knowledge and our experience throughout the world with our students.

The PhiContour Method is a modern development which guarantees best results in Permanent Make Up.

In contrary to the conventional methods we teach during our PhiContour courses among others unique shading techniques for lips and eyes. With our advanced PhiContour technique you will be able to achieve breathtaking results.

We guarantee you a high quality Permanent Make Up training, which will enable you to have thrilled and satisfied clients due to extraordinary results.

The PhiContour technique was specially designed in order to endow you with perfect knowledge and skills as well as self-confidence. Thus you can start right after the training in using your newly aquired techniques in order to delight your clients. However, daily practice is of outmost importance!

PhiContour Basic Training Programme


  • Welcome
  • Introduction PhiContour
  • Concept of PhiContour Education Opportunities
  • The responsibility of the Permanent Make Up Artist
  • Legislation
  • Hygiene-/safety advice
  • Optimal workplace preparation
  • Contraindications
  • Consent form/photo documentation
  • Color theory/PhiContour colors
  • Equipment/device explanation
  • The application of the different modules resume of the day

Practice Eyelid

  • Eyelash enhancement/discreet Eyeliner
  • Drawing Technique
  • Skin Stretching Technique
  • Practice Work on Model resume of the day

Practice Lips

  • Lip/Lip contour & lipshading
  • Drawing Technique
  • Skin Stretching Technique
  • Practice Work on Model resume of the day
  • Goodbye & Certificate

Theorie & Practice

  • Marketing
  • Make up art/visagistic
  • Drawing techniques of Lip and Eyelid
  • Skin stretching techniques
  • Practical work on artificial skin Resume of the day

What You Learn During the Training Course


  • Basics of Make-Up art
  • Dermatology
  • Knowledge of Hygiene
  • Legislation
  • PhiContour Equipment
  • Knowledge of Colours
  • Work Process
  • Techniques of Pigmentiaion
  • Stretching Techniques


  • Preliminary Drawing Techniques
  • Stretching Techniques
  • Special Techniques for Contouring and Shading
  • Preliminary Drawings on the Model
  • Pigmentation on the Model

After a succesfull completed course you will receive a confirmation of participation. Moreover you will be handed out a carefully prepared manual, where you can find a detailed description of all the methods and techniques you were tought, where you can read about the necessary steps.

Detailed Basic Training Programme

After the training we want you to work on different models.

Requirements: One perfect lip pigmentation with shading

One perfect eyeliner pigmentation of the upper and lower eyelid (optional: one eyebrow pigmentation)

Please send us „Before and After picture“s in good quality and taken from different angles to your master.

Your master will examine and evaluate them before your PhiContour certificate will be issued for you.

PhiContour Basic Training Price

C$ 4,450 + tax (price does not include Machine + price includes Starter Kit + 6 months Craft Master Online Support after Inclass Training)

Deposit of C$ 2,225 + tax is required to SECURE place after registration

Full payment of C$ $2,225 + tax is due 20 Days prior to the workshop.

PhiContour SkillMaster Tranings Course Details

Two/2 Days with experienced and established professionals.

Basic training in the area PMU is mandatory. This training course is an intensive continued education course and perfection training.

Phi Liner

Thorsten Kreiling has been a Phi Contour Master since 2016 and has been a Grand Master of the Phi Academy since 2017, the highest award in the permanent makeup area. His specialty is fine, precise and above all, the right eyeliner and techniques for the particular eye or face. A wide range of knowledge about eye shapes, facial expressions, symmetry and liner techniques characterize his know-how.

Phi Lips

Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling is a Master in Permanent Makeup. With over 14 years of professional experience and training in cosmetics, Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling demonstrates expert skills and developed one of the most precise techniques in permanent makeup. Her specialty are lips. Perfect outlines, complex shading, the right choice of color and color combinations are just some of her strengths. Kerstin Ellmer-Kreiling is a professional in customer consultation and enlightenment – desires versus reality, so that customers are permanently happy. Extraordinary results can be achieved with her advanced techniques.

Detailed SkillMaster Training Concept

Precision at the highest level

Our participants trust that they will receive first class training and we will not disappoint them. It is important to us to bring a broad, intensive, and above all high-quality service on the market. We will give you tips and show you the top secrets of our work as part of our program.

In order to be able to teach via Craftmaster, we, the instructors, have to be regionally wellknown and highly-regarded. The main focus of our own techniques is on the precision of the lines, colors, and shading techniques, the right consultation and conveying new knowledge with an AHA effect. Efficient working and understanding of techniques in execution and application will bring the participants to the next level of their abilities. We are constantly expanding our training program and work on topics such as the perfect customer consultation or how I can show what I can do and much more.

Our priority is an absolutely flawless and stunning result and we will show you how to get there.

PhiContour SkillMaster Training Detail Information

Starter Kit: (included in the price)

  • 6 Pigments (3 lip colors, 3 eyeliner colors)
  • 3 Outline pens (black, white, pink)
  • 2 exercise latex sheets
  • Skin candy aftercare, 50 pieces
  • Aftercare wipes, 20 pieces

Note: Demo Model will be by masters. Students will practice on latex.

PhiContour SkillMaster Training Price

C$ 3,400 + tax (price does not include Machine + price includes Starter Kit + 6 months Craft Master Online Support after Inclass Training)

Deposit of C$ 1,700 + tax is required to SECURE place after registration

Full payment of C$ $1,700 + tax is due 20 Days prior to the workshop.

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