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Bold Brows

The Bold Brows trend is the look du jour right now. Ask a random sampling of women which one beauty trend they want to nail, and nine out of 10 will tell you: Bold Brows. A well-groomed brow has the amazing ability to frame your face and transform your features, but often, the feature gets overlooked-and over-tweezed! Just by tming a few stray hairs and filling in the sparse areas, Bold Brows instantly give your face a more symmetrical appearance with a slight liberated edge. If you’ve flicked through a magazine or looked at a style website lately, you’ll notice that there is a big trend for Bold Brows. This pattern is specific and unique because as the end result we have bushy and natural looking brows.

The idea for this pattern arose from observing the natural hair growth, following their direction and combining all of the above with the “twisted” hairs. This is the particular technique of drawing eyebrows in such way that the end result and drawn brows look more bushy and volumized. Bold Brows became very popular and recognizable in short period of time and is nowadays massive trend also known as bushy, fluffy, or Hollywood eyebrows, mainly found in the world of modeling.

First of all, this pattern was mostly inspired by the unplucked eyebrows, so the treatment is suitable for those who nurture the natural eyebrow look, yet want them to be thicker and more volumized. By virtue of careful observation during last period, this pattern has been more developed and is now available for all client types and 5 different spine direction, taking into the consideration that the natural eyebrow growth must be followed.

A bold, confident brow is just a few brush strokes and secrets away. I will be more than happy to share with you all of them.


(Included in the price)

3 Disposable Box


1 Latex

PhiWipes (25pcs)


Online Training Price is C$ 1,600 + tax (includes Bold Brow kit and 3 months Craft Master online support after online training)

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